Annie’s Picking Apples 2

Annie’s Picking Apples 2 : Learning Games helps stimulate children to learn while they are playing. We recommend teachers to use them in the classroom and parents at home as a complementary tool, so they can guide children according to the activities they are working in class. And later on, parents and teachers can check the performance of the child in the Parents Section.


  • 27 fun and engaging worlds that invite children to explore and learn with Annie.
  • Parents Section with reports with the child’s performance, activity logs, help, and more.
  • 4 languages to practice: English, Spanish, French, and German.

Counting Games (blue icons):

  • 5 Interactive Scenes for children to interact with Annie, her friends and surroundings.
  • 5 mechanisms to practice to count (increase and decrease): Classify, Order, Memory, Catch, and Throw games.
  • Highlights the achievements and progress in each level of play filling out an “applemeter” and giving away gold apples to make it more exciting to accomplish the tasks.
  • Progressive difficulty in each level in each of the games.
  • Time of gameplay can be increased if needed.
  • It can be set to move Annie with the finger in Catch game.
  • All worlds can be unlocked or reset when needed.

Pastry (yellow icons):

  • 5 pastry stages that let kids interact and discover the logical sequences needed to complete the tasks: Mix Ingredients, Wash Apples, Peel Apples, Cut Apples, and Collect Pies.
JigSaw Puzzles

Puzzles (pieces icons):

  • 12 beautiful jigsaw puzzles to put together, that show the activities accomplished during the journey.
  • It can be set to easy puzzles when needed, so pieces do not rotate.

Trophies (trophy icon):

  • Once all the worlds have been played and completed, 3 stickers are given to convert to trophies: one for each group of activity of counting games, pastry and puzzles.

Parents Section:

  • Parental control to keep younger children away from this section.
  • Reports of the counting games: number awareness, visual pairing, concentration.
  • Activity logs of all the activities.
  • About page with a brief description of supporters and credits.
  • Help with how to play, some recommendations, iPad’s settings, rate and review, privacy policy.
  • Link to more apps from Real Fun Learning.
Time Control Screen

Time Control Screen:

  • We implemented a Time Control Screen, to establish the time the child can play to manage turns and to teach children to use technology in a responsible way. We use this when we are trying the application with kids in schools and events, along with the guided access feature in the iPad’s Settings.

iPad’s Settings:

Look for the Annie’s Picking Apples 2 icon in the settings panel of the iPad. There, you will find:

Time Control Screen Settings:
  • Time Control Screen Enable: to enable the time control screen to manage turns between players or if a kid can play only for a set time.
  • Set Timer: to configure the time the kid can play.
  • Increase Time for Counting Games: to configure counting games with more time.
  • Easy Puzzles: to configure the pieces so they do not rotate.
  • Disable Accelerometer: In the game 4 catch to move Annie with the finger.
  • Clear Reports: Clear the information showed in the reports.
  • Reset All World Games: to reset the games, blocking the worlds.
  • Unlock All Worlds Games: so kids have all the activities (worlds) available, that are blocked by default.
Annie's Picking Apples 2 is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.
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